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Moon Lake Electric Association, Roosevelt, Utah
Problem: Stære & spurve
"We use Bird Gard in our substations where we have had a starling problem.  We have been very pleased with the results, even to the point that we recently ordered several additional ones.  We went from having to clean our bushing of droppings on a regular basis to no droppings at all!  Keep up the good work."
Gene Harvey, Purchasing Agent
Homeowner, Hartwell, Georgia
Problem: Common Grackles
"We had a thousand or so Common Grackles roosting in a bamboo grove next to our home, and while it was wonderful to watch giant flocks fly about, they had become nuisance (droppings).  The first day of operation seemed to have little effect, but by the fourth or fifth day the number of birds was reduced by 50 or so.  Within 14 days there were none!  Finally a clean car, thank you!"
Stanley G. Shaw, homeowner
Homeowner, Mission Hills, Kansas
Problem: Various night nesting birds
"We have been plagued for several years with a severe problem with night nesting in a large tree, under and around which we had constructed a deck.  We had tried artificial snakes and owls, flashing lights, rock music and consultations with professional exterminators; all without any success.  To make a long story short, the results with Bird Gard have been most dramatic!  Since the third day we have not had a single "messing" of our deck and the birds have departed.  Thank you for solving what had become a most frustrating experience."
De Lancey A. Smith, Homeowner
Rubber Manufacturer, Atlanta, Georgia
Problem: Woodpeckers
"I wanted to drop you a message to let you know that we are really satisfied with the Bird Gard Pro.  We ordered it to get rid of woodpeckers, and since we installed it, we do not have woodpeckers anymore.  Your kindness and thorough knowledge of the unit was a pleasant surprise (in these days of getting no service), and your customer service was excellent.  Thank you."
Phil Franklyn
Central Electric Cooperative, Redmond, Oregon
Problem: Måger
"I went to our Madras substation last week and was extremely gratified to find that even though the bird population around the nearby stockyards has increased dramatically over last summer, there were no birds anywhere near our substation.  In addition, there was no bird fecal material on the substation structure, as there was last summer.  The Bird Gard appears to be working very well at both the Madras and the Bend substations."
Jim Crowell, Member Services Director

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